Securely Holds the PCB

PCBGRIP firmly holds the PCB between the aluminum extrusion. Width between the aluminum extrusion is easily adjusted to hold PCBs up to 306 mm (12") wide and the flat spring makes it easy to insert and remove the PCB. The Flat Springs can be used to hold a PCB above the aluminum extrusion too.

Holds Through Hole Components

PCBGRIP will hold through hole components, even upside down while you solder. Our Spring Head will hold the component against the PCB, freeing your hands to hold the iron and solder wire.



Holds SMT Stencil

PCBGRIP can be used to align the SMT stencil to the PCB, particularly useful if you are assembling multiple boards.

Clamp and Traditional Helping Hands

The PCBGRIP clamp is designed to align components when soldering and has standard 0.1" (2.54mm) groves to accept up to 16 pins and a smooth face on the reverse side. Traditional helping hands functionality is also possible, with the added benefit of being able to hold a PCB in multiple positions.



Holds the PCB and Everything Else

Not only will PCBGRIP hold the PCB, it will hold anything else you need to help with your project. Whether it be an oscilloscope probe, holding a component with alligator clips, or something unique you've designed and attached to the open source aluminum extrusion, PCBGRIP provides you with the flexibility to make it easier to work on your project.

Four Degrees of Freedom

Our unique Hinge Assembly provides four degrees of freedom, allowing full access to the work. Elevation can be changed, work can be rotated around both the horizontal and vertical axis, and tilted. Index pins provide a secure positive lock for both rotation around the horizontal axis and tilting.



System Design

We have designed each component of PCBGRIP to ensure all the components not only work individually but also in unison. Careful consideration was given to the physical dimensions of one part relative to the other parts and relative hole locations to maximize the number of combinations in which all of the parts can be used together. Most parts have 3mm holes and common M3x0.5 threads. There are countless ways the parts can be connected and used together - limited only by your ingenuity! The red components in the videos and pictures are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized, and laser engraved. Hardware is stainless steel, with the exception of the large brass thumb screws.

Open Source Flexiblity

PCBGRIP uses OpenBeam, an open source construction system that uses standard 3mm hardware. Using an open source extrusion minimizes the hardware costs while providing a platform by which PCBGRIP can easily be expanded by the community. PCBGRIP users can build and share their own parts and ideas on improving electronics assembly. We envision a community where hobbyists, makers, and assemblers have the flexibility of designing and sharing exactly what they need to help in the assembly of their projects.