Saleae Logic Anayzer Holder

We have designed a holder to hold a Saleae logic analyzer, for use with the PCBGRIP system.  The idea was to design a holder that would hold the Saleae logic analyzer against the OpenBeam used in the PCBGRIP system, providing the following benefits:

  • The relative position of the analyzer and PCB being tested would remain constant, allowing the whole testing rig to be easily moved.  Beneficial when you need to clear your bench for other projects and don't want to disassemble your setup or when you need to put your stuff away when your called away from your work;
  • In addition to using the Saleae analyzer with the mini-grippers that Saleae provides, the PCBGRIP components can be used to hold other testing fixtures, such as pogo pins.  This simplifies measurements from test pads and other surface mount components, which have traditionally been difficult to probe; and
  • When used with the PCBGRIP system, easily allows probing of both sides of the PCB.

Here is a photo of the holder holding a Saleae Logic 8:

Open source models for the Logic 4, Logic 8, Logic 8 Pro, Logic 16 Pro can be found on Thingaverse.  If you do not have access to a 3D printer, there are 3D printing services, such as Shapeways (no affiliation) which you can upload the models to and they can print them for you. 

Here is a photo of the Saleae Logic 8 being held on  the PCBGRIP system:


Saleae analyzer holder


Probing Pads And Difficult Components

The Saleae analyzers are a very well made product and are encased in a durable anodized aluminum case (we are especially partial to the red anodized version !).  The analyzers are relatively small, making them ideally suited for mounting on the PCBGRIP system.  For those situations where it is difficult to attach the mini-grippers that come with the Saleae analyzer to the location to be tested, the PCBGRIP system can be used to hold other testing components.  One of the simplest solutions is to hold a pogo pin against the contact you want to test.  To isolate the pogo pin, we first place some heat shrink tubing over the pogo pin:

Heat shrink tubing over pogo pin

The pogo pin can then be held with one of the PCBGRIP components.  In this picture, a Variable Tee is being used to hold the pogo pin:

The pogo pin can then be used to test a pad (or other component) and the pogo pin is connected to a mini-gripper (supplied with the Saleae logic analyzer) and lead from the Saleae logic analyzer:


Probing a testing pad

Probing a testing pad


Rotating the PCB and holding it vertically, easily allows both sides of the PCB to be probed.  With the holder keeping the Salaea analyzer in the same relative position to the PCB, the test leads do not become tangled and are not pulled off the PCB:

Probing both sides of a PCB


Saleae and The Amp Hour

In episode #237 of the Amp Hour (an electronics podcast) Joe and Mark Garrison discuss their logic analyzers and some of the manufacturing challenges.  A very interesting listen.