Probe Clamp

1 Probe Clamp, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum

The Probe Clamp is designed to hold a probe, freeing your hands for other work.  Itcould hold your digital multimeter probes or perhaps the probes from your oscilloscope.  Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, with two stainless M3x0.5x25mm thumb screws, the Probe Clamps can hold probes or other objects up to 12mm in diameter.  The Probe Clamp is designed to accept a standard M3x0.5 thread, so it will work well with the PCBGRIP system.  The top half of the Probe Clamp can be rotated 180 degrees if you are looking to hold an object of small diameter.  If you are looking to hold a heavier probe, two 3mm rods can be used to support the Probe Clamp, eliminating any possibility of rotation.  When used with the PCBGRIP system, it is possible to probe both sides of a PCB at the same time.  A small piece of silicone tubing is also included with each Probe Clamp that can be used (optional) if additional grip is required.

Collections: Components

Type: Machined

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