Clamp Kit

The Clamp Kit can be used directly on your bench or used as part of the PCBGRIP system.  With 16 grooves on one side of the clamp at 2.54mm (0.1") spacing, the clamps are designed to hold a header or wires or (anything else).  The two clamps can be slid along the 3mm stainless rod towards each other, ensuring the parts that you want to join together are perfectly aligned. 


The Clamp Kit Includes the following:


Part Number Description Quantity
20006 Clamp 2
10026 ⌀3mm x 170mm Rod 4
10024 M3x0.5x7mm Thumb Screw, ⌀7mm Head 25


 A comparison of the contents of each our our kits can be found here.

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